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Business Support Services

Solutions to help you get time back so you can focus on the core mission of your organization.

When starting a business, most people do not realize that growth means juggling four balls instead of just one. You have to be a marketer, salesperson, IT pro, office administrator, and so much more! This can lead to losing your "why" and passion for your business. We are here to help you back to doing what you love!

Business Support: About

Billing and Invoicing

Generate and send bills and invoices, managing accounts receivable.


Review of your expenses on regular basis to ensure accounts reconcile.

Calendar and Schedule Management

Maintain your calendar and schedule, and ensure appropriate time for client appointments and personal events

Client Management | Customer Service

Create, implement, and manage your client relationship management (CRM) system, and communicate with customers and clients on your behalf via email, phone, and social media.

Editing and Proofing

Proofread, edit, and format documents to save you time.

Document and Presentation Creation | Formatting

Create documents and presentations with written content, charts, and graphs, and ensure accurate message is conveyed. Ensure documents to be presented professionally are in alignment with company's brand.

Email Management

Organize and prioritize your inbox, and responding to emails as appropriate.

Document Management

Manage and organize your system to track and store documents.

Website Maintenance

Update and add content, pages, and blogs to Wix and Wordpress websites.

Take our Business Compliance Survey. This survey will take you through many of the questions I ask during an initial meeting and helps small business owners understand areas where changes may need to be made. 

Business Support: Services
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